3 Ways Biking Increases Awareness


Biking is a great way to get off the couch and into the world. It can be a perfect way to become acquainted with your environment while still being able to reach an intended destination. If you live in the city it can help you save time and money that you may usually spend in finding a parking spot. Here are 3 ways we think hoping on a bike can directly affect your awareness.

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Your Environment

The sounds, the smells, the sites. You will realize how much you may have been missing when you hop on your bike to head to the grocery store instead of hop in your car. Everything will seem brighter and you will generally feel increased happiness once you get to your destination. You will feel more alive and centered instead of rushed similar to when you hop in that time capsule of a car. You can also strap a spare tire bike rack onto the back of your car in order to carry your bike with you. That way if you need your car for only a partial part of your trip, you can continue the rest of your trip on your bike.

Your body

Sitting in a car is awful for your back. Being able to move around freely and activate your entire body, you will notice substantial increase in your ability to feel tight or weak spots in your body that you may not have been aware of while you were previously driving. The increased blood flow to your brain will leave you feeling alive and vitalized after you arrive at your destination. Helping you to be at ease and more present as you go about the rest of your day.

Human Interaction

Being on a bike allows you to interact with those around you. A car keeps you isolated. Of course you can wave or give the occasional head nod, but unfortunately most people use their cars as a shield from communicating with the outside world. Don’t be one of those people! Get out there and say hello to your fellow humans! You may even encourage others to taking up the good habit of exercise via biking.

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How Keeping Journal Increases Awareness

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Keeping a journal is a great way to increase your awareness that leads to a better sense of how you are feeling both mentally and physically. This helps you to make subtle changes to your life that will increase your overall happiness and health.

Cats need a small cat tree to stretch their claws, sleep on, and just plain out release chaos on. Think of your journal as your own personal cat tree. You can use it to defrag your mind and scratch out the things that have been nagging your mind throughout the day.

Take the time to head to your local store and buy your self a small journal. Even a legal pad will work for this exercise. Just take time either in the morning or at night to sit down and journal. First start with 3 things that you are thankful for. And then you can begin to write down anything that comes to mind. It can honestly be about anything!

That is all it takes to start your very own practice of keeping a journal, and the first step towards happiness.


3 Reasons Why Meditation is the Ultimate Awareness Tool

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Meditation can have somewhat of a weird stigma behind it, which can often cause adverse reactions to anyone initially beginning the practice. Most people think there is some goal of meditation or that it is only for those who want to become monks in some far off land.

This is far from the case. Objectively, mediation is a tool that can be used to rewire the nervous system within your body, thus creating more awareness of not only your thoughts and inner workings, but of your body and how it feels at any given moment. This tool can be used to strengthen that awareness. Thus giveing you a better ability to judge what you may need to change about your health habits in order to get the desired feeling or outcome that you would like to have.

1. Defragging Unconciousness

When you meditate, it is not an otherworldly experience that will send you to another dimension. It is actually much more personal. For most people they experience a lot of thoughts fluttering through their head that they feel they must subdue. Although this is not the case, those thoughts are just flutters of unprocessed data still lingering around in your subconscious mind. What you want to do is accept them and watch them as if they are clouds floating by on a beautiful sunny day. This helps the subconscious clear itself up, thus allowing you to become more aware of the rest of your body, and not just the endless stream of thoughts in your head.

2. Focus

This is especially important for those working in fields where intense amounts of focus are needed for extended periods of time. Billiards players a fine example of those who benefit from the use of meditation. They must be able to focus with, extreme clarity, on every shot to ensure that they are able to make the perfect shot. This means they must be very aware of how their body is feeling and how hard they are stroking the pool cue. Their mind cannot be fluttering about thinking about how bright the Custom Pool Table Felt is, or how they may have forgotten to pay their gas bill. This type of focus can be accessed once you have developed a healthy meditation habit.

3. Happiness

After you have cultivated a mediation practice, you will begin to appreciate the happiness you feel throughout your life. Once you begin to notice your moments of happiness, you will also notice when you are not so happy. This is definitely great! As your awareness of these moments grows you can begin to slowly figure out what these periods of unhappiness can be caused by. Thus allowing you to take control over parts of your life that you were once unconscious towards.


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